Redefining Travel


The Usual Scenario [TRAVEL = 0 hrs. FUN = 0 hrs.]

Your best friend from college calls you at 3 p.m. He tells you he just got a call from his rep and has two tickets to tonight’s playoff game at Yankee Stadium. The game is at 6:30. The average person tells his buddy, “Wow, I really wish I could meet you there . . . Too bad I’ll have to miss it.”

The Skyline Advantage [TRAVEL = 3 hrs. FUN = 5 hrs.]

The extraordinary person would say, “Great, I’ll call Skyline Flight! They’ll meet me at the Worcester Airport at 4:45.” One call to your personal airliner and you’re on your way to the game — we’ll even arrange to have a Town Car waiting in New York to bring you to the stadium, complete with refreshments. After the game, you’ll be flown back to Worcester and home in your own bed — no hotels, no driving, no traffic, no hassles! Of course, at Skyline Flight you have the option to take along a second or even a third passenger for the same fare, your choice!

The cost of this revolutionary travel option is only $615 each way! Home Run!

"Make your dreams a reality with Skyline Flight"